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Dear Visitor,Science vs Religion

Having been brought up in the Christian faith and having been a believer for much of my adult life, I came to know the Bible quite well, including the theosophical challenges Christianity has to face. Over the years, however, the questions behind not only the Christian faith but all others as well became overwhelming and in the end I could no longer adhere to Christian beliefs. In 1996 Graham Hancock’s Fingerprints of the Gods introduced me to a new realm of possibilities, the realm of the ancient world. For many years Fingerprints remained in the back of my mind and it was only in August of 2000, when I purchased a copy of Josephus’ Works, that I actively began delving into the past. For several years I collected any book on ancient history that I could find, taking the information it presented at face value, with an open mind. Eventually my own theories began to form, culminating in what is presented here. I trust you will find this an interesting read and would like to invite you to comment or contribute freely in any manner you may wish to.

Professionally I am a practicing engineer that holds a PhD degree in Electromagnetics and have been awarded Senior Membership of the IEEE. The theories presented here were developed in my leisure time over many years and I decided to publish the essence of these theories on the Internet mostly for the sake of review by interested scholars and novices alike, but also due to the practical time constraints associated with writing a complete book. This I still plan to do, but I would like to eliminate any gross misconceptions I may have before completing the work, hence the request for comments.

You may find some aspects of these theories implausible, but I trust that you will nevertheless find it stimulating and I hope that it will create within you an interest in our fascinating ancient past.