1. Remarks by my copy editor Jonathan Amid (a well-known reviewer and editor in the South African publishing industry) concerning “Atlantis Revealed”:

“Excellent work, Riaan! A fascinating, fascinating read.

READING again I was struck by how thorough and interesting this research is – EXCELLENT.”

  1. Online Book Club review of “Atlantis Revealed”

[Following is an official review of "Atlantis Revealed" by Riaan Booysen, as approved by its Review Board]:

Book Cover - 5 out of 5 stars

Content - 5 out of 5 stars

“Do you believe in myths? ATLANTIS REVEALED BY MEDIEVAL AND NASA OCEAN FLOOR MAPS & ANCIENT MYTHOLOGY by Riaan Booysen is a book that tries to prove Plato's description of Atlantis using ancient maps. Furthermore, it takes readers through history and beliefs of different tribes. Some tribes have their beliefs but believe that beliefs of others are wrong. How can they be so certain? We go through Egypt mythology and learn more about characters like the Serpents, Osiris, Isis, and Ra.

Riaan Booysen also refers to his previous books, Thera and the Exodus – The Exodus explained in terms of natural phenomena and the human response to it and Barbelo – The Story of Jesus Christ. In his books, he uses Christianity to show some truths, like the Great Flood possibly being the reason for Atlantis going under the ocean. There are biblical scriptures used to make points in this book, and stories from the Bible, like Adam and Eve, are subjectively written about.

ATLANTIS REVEALED BY MEDIEVAL AND NASA OCEAN FLOOR MAPS & ANCIENT MYTHOLOGY consists of 20 chapters, including conclusion, bibliography, references and a comprehensive index. There are about 191 pages and this book is written like a textbook. The author, Riaan Booysen, supports his write-ups with images, maps and pictures relating to the various topics. He provides accurate information and it is obvious he did a lot of research to produce this book. I never thought I'd be a lover of maps until now. I like the works of the cartographers displayed in this book.

One thing to note is that Riaan Booysen was a devout Christian as a young adult until his doubts grew, so he took it as an objective to discover the truth behind Christianity. I mention this because even though he might not be a full believer, he respects people's beliefs. It was easy to read through this book because of its brevity, although the mathematical solvings and graphs took me a while to understand.

There is nothing I dislike about this book. ATLANTIS REVEALED BY MEDIEVAL AND NASA OCEAN FLOOR MAPS & ANCIENT MYTHOLOGY is exceptionally edited.

I rate this book five out of five stars. I was able to grasp the points the author was trying to make. If you’ve ever wondered if there was more to Australia and New Zealand, the maps in this book show a lot more than you may have imagined. People don't really talk much about the world before the Great Flood and we're used to the present world map, but there is more to uncover. I refer this book to researchers, discoverers, historians, and modern cartographers.”

  1. Comments on Atlantis Revealed by Fluffyshawty @ OnlineBookClub

The author’s exploration of ancient myths and maps is fascinating. His perspective on Atlantis, supported by historical evidence and his own interpretations, makes for a compelling read. His exploration of various mythologies and his personal journey with faith adds and interesting layer to the book

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